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Solitaire with the Garden

There’s something very, very interesting about the wonderful card game Solitaire Social, which we hope you’ve already been captivated by.
When you start winning tournaments, you’ll find that coins appear in your piggy bank during games as bonuses. Now we will tell you what they are for.

After your fifth tournament win, you get your very own Garden! So now you have Klondike Solitaire with Garden!
Lily from Solitaire SocialThere’s a wonderful gardener named Lily (your neighbor) waiting to explain how to use Solitaire Social’s Garden and even give you some coins! By the way, don’t hesitate to ask Lily if you don’t understand something. She’s always there and always ready to help if you need it.
The entrance to the Garden is on the left side of the game panel, and you can get there by clicking on the blue “Enter the Garden” arrow.
Once the Solitaire Garden is at your disposal, you’re free to do what you want: improve buildings, buy decorations, and make the Garden even more original with trophies found during tournaments! By the way, Lily has her own jewelry store. Don’t be afraid to go in there once in a while—Lily has great taste!

There are 3 types of decoration in the store:Solitaire Social decoration

  1. Standard – you can buy them for the coins you get in the game or receive them as a gift from your friends;
  2. Magical – you can only pay for them with magic;
  3. Unique – unusual animated decorations or with built-in music. You can’t buy them with in-game currency, but you can pay with real money.

By the way, all upgrades and decorations will increase the rating of the Garden’s Beauty. The more expensive the ornaments in Lily’s store, the more they will mutilate the Beauty of your Garden.
And if for some reason the ornaments you won or bought don’t fit your Garden’s aesthetics, you can easily send them to a warehouse. The warehouse icon is next to the decorations store icon. Nothing gets lost if you decide to put something back! This option allows you to change the decoration of your locations according to the season or special occasions.
You can show your Garden to your friends and opponents, and, during a tournament, you can peek in and see your opponent’s Garden. It is very simple: the window is located to the left of the main tournament window.

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Play Solitaire Social and decorate your own garden

How do I get magic and other boosters in a Solitaire Social Garden?

The Garden in Solitaire Social serves more than just aesthetic purposes: improving it will give you very useful bonuses.
There are six objects in the Garden, and you can improve them over time: the more tournaments you win, the sooner you can start developing a place. Let’s look at each item separately:

  • Villa: You can develop it as soon as you enter the Garden. The Villa has 11 possible levels of development, but no other object in the Garden can be higher than the Villa. So improve the Villa and, after that, work on the other objects;
  • The Orange Tree can be improved after 5 tournament victories;
  • The Overstream Bridge, after 15;
  • The Floral Fountain, after 25;
  • The Arbor after 35.

What are magic and boosters in Solitaire Social?

Game guide for the new players

The Swing will already be available to upgrade after 45 successful tournaments. Any object upgrade will give you some much-needed bonuses—magic, decorations, and, of course, an increase in your Garden’s beauty rating. It’s important to note that you don’t have to shell out all your coins at once to upgrade any object; you can do it “in installments” by simply tapping with a hammer on the part of the Garden you want to improve or by watering an Orange Tree from a watering can. In this way, the amount you need to improve is gradually deducted from your account.
The more you play Solitaire Social, the more coins you get. The more coins you get, the more beautiful your Garden is. And the prettier your Garden, the more bonuses it gives you. Play Solitaire Social, develop your sense of beauty, and beat opponents from all over the world! And don’t forget: you can get coins from your friends in Solitaire Social too! Just click the “Ask for Coins” button in the upper-left corner of the Garden screen!

Flowers show the Garden’s beauty in Solitaire Social

Beauty rating in Solitaire Social GardenWhen you decorate your Garden, its ranking goes up. It’s measured in florets, and it’s called “Garden’s Beauty.” Each improvement to a structure and each decoration raise this number. This is also how the top-most beautiful Gardens in Solitaire Social are ranked.

Explore the Gardens of other Solitaire Social players

Solitaire Social meta locationsIn order to evaluate the gardening achievements of Solitaire Social players, you need to select “Beauty Rating” in the right panel of the game. The Gardens of the most active players in Solitaire Social are presented there. You can look into them and evaluate the imaginations and achievements of your opponents. You can seriously compete with them! It’s easy: play, collect coins, improve buildings, and it’s your Garden that will achieve the highest level in the Solitaire Social ranking!
And don’t forget—when you’re competing one-on-one with your opponent in Solitaire Social, you can visit their Garden too.
You can also visit your friends’ lists at any time to see how they’re improving their Gardens.

Additional Locations in Solitaire Social?

As you may remember, when you beautify a Garden in Solitaire Social, you raise its rating, which is called “Garden’s Beauty.” Once that number (displayed in colors) reaches 10,000, a whole new location becomes available to you—the Coast! And there are a total of 3 locations available to the player in Solitaire Social:

The Garden.

The Garden is the first location available to the new player. Develop the location, upgrade objects, and get valuable prizes and spells for doing so. After a while you will reach 10000 in beauty rating and can move to the next location! We have already talked about The Garden in detail, above.
The Garden in Solitaire Social card game

The Bayside

The Bayside is a new location that will be available to you when your Garden reaches 10,000 flowers. You will have to spend sapphire coins to develop the Bayside. Don’t worry—you won’t have much trouble finding them.
This location will have its own rating called “Bayside’s Beauty!”

beach location of Solitaire socialThe Farm.

When you become a professional player in Solitaire Social and your Bayside Beauty reaches 10,000, the Farm opens up to you.
The Farm, just like the Garden and the Bayside, has to be developed and decorated! This is where farm coins come in handy.

Farm in solitaire Social

How to switch the location in Solitaire Social?

Switching between locations is made as simple as possible – just click on the compass in the lower left corner. For clarity, we have prepared a special video – you will definitely have no questions after watching it!

What’s important to know when developing the Garden, the Bayside, and the Farm in Solitaire Social?

You’ll be able to move from one location to another (assuming you’ve already opened them) via the icon next to Lily the Gardener in the bottom-left corner of the Garden (or the Bayside or the Farm).
But remember one important thing: when you open the Bayside, for example, this will be the main place. And all the coins that you get in the game will be sapphire coins. When the Farm becomes the main location, you’ll get farm coins!

Improve your Garden in Solitaire Social!

A Garden in Solitaire Social is a way to vary your gameplay, compete with friends and foes alike regarding your sense of beauty, and even relax a bit. Don’t forget that you get boosters and rewards for developing Garden objects. We’re constantly coming up with new and interesting things!
So compete in Solitaire Social, earn boosters, bonuses, and coins, relax in the Garden, and come back to play again. Solitaire Social is a game that won’t ever let you get bored!

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