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We offer a completely new solution: our online solitaire, where experienced players will open a world of battles with like-minded people. And for those of our guests for whom “Solitaire” is something completely unfamiliar, we are ready to teach the basics of this incredibly popular solitaire game, as well as support on the way to the top of our ratings. All newcomers to Solitaire Social are greeted with a short tutorial to help get to grips with the basics of solitaire. Or read our article on Solitaire game rules.

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Classic Solitaire is the basement of Solitaire Social

It’s simple from the beginning: we have a deck of playing cards, some of them open, some of them face down. Our goal is to move the entire deck to the top four slots. There the cards can only be stacked by seniority and suit. The main events of this solitaire take place below; the cards can be stacked on top of each other by seniority but alternating colors of suits. Putting such chains, we open new cards, which immediately go into action. Above left is the deck, which will also provide us with cards.

We have all known solitaire since the days of Windows 98, endlessly turning red for black and black for white, practicing combination skills.

What is the main advantage of Solitaire Social?

We want to give you a new experience: the thing about Solitaire Social is that every game is a competition with another player. Our program automatically selects an opponent who starts a game with you simultaneously. The winner of the party is the one who solitaires the first! You get extra points for each card sent to the stack before your opponent! So, time is of the essence in Solitaire Social!
The tournament starts with eight players fighting like in a real championship, making their way through the tournament grid from one-fourth to the final. The winners converge in the second game, leaving two players, each with a chance to win the tournament. Simply put, to win a tournament, you have to be the best three times in a one-on-one bout.
The course of the game can be changed by special boosters, which you can get in different ways.

Solitaire Social Boosters will help you win

Magic and other boosters

  • “Shuffle” shuffles the cards and completely changes the layout of your table.
  • Don’t forget about “Joker,” which can turn into any card
  • “Magic” booster pulls out one hidden useful card, which probably increases your chance of picking up the entire Solitaire.
  • Freezer will give you 20 extra seconds, during which your opponent can’t make any new moves.

By the way, Magic is not only a booster but also a kind of in-game currency – you can use it to pay for all these beautiful boosters. After all, you can get them not only during the game but also in our store.

You can learn more about boosters, which will help you win here.

Game Tutorial for the newbies

First to Solitaire Social?

Tournaments are the core of Solitaire Social

The more you win, the more the world of Solitaire Social opens up to you. After just five wins, you’ll get your own garden, which you can improve with items dropped off from tournament to tournament.
If you find tournaments boring, you can try “Round the World”: You play your solitaire and move around the world map. You’ll start with England and, winning time after time, you’ll find yourself in a variety of countries where you’ll receive gifts, boosters and artifacts.
Solitaire Social Tournament
There’s another special kind of tournament that’s ominously called the Knockout. It’s a real elimination game, with four players participating. They get the same card layout and try to win. The player with the fewest points in the round is eliminated. The second round is all ready for three players and so on until there is one Knockout winner left. For the victory, the participant receives a reward.

Special Events

From time to time, our players will participate in special thematic days, which will be accompanied by interesting tasks. Such days will bring incredible rewards to Solitaire Social participants. Follow the news and updates here.

Daily quests

But that’s not all! “Solitaire Social” offers daily quests; by completing them, players will receive even more prizes to not only gain advantages in future tournaments but also to improve their garden. You’ll earn bonus boosters for improving your location.
Pacing relentlessly up and down the leaderboards, battling it out against players from all over the world, teaming up (or even creating your own), all for the ultimate prize, and perhaps making this the most addictive browser game out there.

Solitaire Social levels

“Solitaire Social” is a place where you can not only invite your friends, but here you will find new virtual opponents with whom you will fight for the most incredible prizes. After all, every win you win is a step up to the top of the ratings.
If you click on the bar below the profile picture, you’ll see the path to be taken. A beginner starts at the Bronze level, and every tournament won raises the status. For example, from the very beginning, a player needs to win 12 tournaments to get to the Silver level and get 8 boosters as a gift.

Solitaire Social team scoring

The game has the ability to create and team up in teams of up to 10 people and participate in a team tournament. Gather like-minded people and win in Solitaire Social! By the way, subscribe to our Facebook page to get acquainted with other fans of the game.

We are waiting for you in Solitaire Social

Don’t forget the daily quests, regular gifts from the creators and unforgettable special events. Remember: the more you play, the more new and interesting things you meet on your way to the top of the rankings.
And by the way, very important information: “Solitaire Social” is absolutely free. Of course, you can buy boosters in the game store, but you can beat all your opponents without such tricks. Each successful game will not only give you some kind of bonus but also increase your skill. Soon you will be able to put on electronic blades of any opponent and in regular tournaments, and “Around the World,” and “Knockout,” and dozens of other tests that the creators of “Solitaire Social” prepare for you.
Kosmos Games – the developers of “Solitaire Social” – spend every day thinking about what else to surprise their players. New solitaire mechanics, seasonal events related to holidays and special calendar days are added regularly.
Try this exciting game, invite friends, and find new opponents.

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  1. Solitaire

    My favourite Solitaire!!!

  2. Sheila Sears

    can i gift friends magic rather than the hints no one uses?

    1. Solitaire

      You can’t give magic as a gift, there’s no such feature in the game. I hope this doesn’t upset you too much 🤗

  3. sheila sears

    how can i get more of the compass in tropical adventure?

    1. Solitaire Social Community

      Hello! Thank you for your question! Players can get compasses several ways:
      – for completing a streak every day (all-kings winnings without looses)
      – for completing the Supreme Quest
      – for completing Chapters of the top panel of the event
      – buying in sales

      If you have problems with getting compasses during gameplay, please contact our support team via the Report a problem button in the game.

  4. Brian Stevens

    Can you explain to me why some players have easy layouts. I know from information provided that this does not apply to all new players. Leading at the moment is a relative new player. I say relative because that person did play about 2 years ago then disappeared and surfaced again. Is possible you want them to stay by making the game easy for them. Being from Vietnam it is unlikely that they will be purchasing wands to assist. At the moment scoring between 9 and 10 thou an hour which is ridiculous and out scoring myself by 5 thou an hour. Even using wands is not allowing myself to increase my scoring rate because the layouts are just too difficult. If you are not helping her with easier layouts then she must be cheating somehow. All I ask is for a level playing field. Kind regards

    1. Solitaire Social Community

      Hello! Thank you for your question! Layouts depend on a player’s experience in the game i.e. their badge level. When a player has bronze badge, their layouts are really easier and they also get less experienced opponents in tournaments. But the higher the badge level, the more experenced a player is, the more experienced opponents they meet. It was designed on purpose: most experienced players get bored when playing easy layouts, they have no opportunity to apply their experience and selfmade strategy in tournaments. I hope you will find this information helpful.

  5. Brian Stevens

    The only opponent is the computer. The badge level has no bearing whatsoever. There are players on the highest badge who are also scoring in excess of 8000 pts an hour and please do not say it is because of wands. They help but not to such an extent. I am of the thinking that the difficulty level is actually raised based on the
    number of wins a player reaches. I had been on the highest badge for some time and happy with a scoring feat of around 6000 pts and hour when suddenly bang I was down to 3000. You do not suddenly become a bad player. That is my thinking that I must have hit a win level that changed the difficulty level. Or somebody was not happy with scores I was achieving. Trust me I will not get bored if the game was easier. So perhaps I should consider starting all over again. I

    1. Solitaire Social Community

      Hello Brian!
      Thank you for your comment!
      You are correct to think that the difficulty level depends on the number of wins. And the badge level reflects the number of won tournaments as well, so these two measures correlate. The more you win, the higher your badge level, the more experience you are and the more difficult layouts you get.
      As for the increasing difficulty, there are lots of players who want to have more difficult layouts and more experienced opponents. And the contact us with this desire. Both there are other player who want to have easier layouts and they contact us as well. So we have to keep balance and make the game insteresting for both groups.

      I am not sure what could have happened to you when your scoring changed so suddenly. You can contact our support team and they will see what coulod have gone wrong with your profile. We will be glad to help you!

  6. Brian Stevens

    Being part of a team and the captain I obviously want to score as many points as possible to help achieve that top spot but feel cheated by seeing others
    outscoring because of an unfair advantage. I just ask for a level playing field and if that means an easier layout then so be it. at the moment I am having to
    take the green button new game option 9 times out of 10 because if I try to play out I know I will lose. Using wands to stay in front to hopefully get the chest.
    Because of the difficulty I have to settle for scores of 20 or less on a regular basis. I am getting close to 300,000 wins and so with such a target in mind I do not want to quit now. When you say that the difficulty level also increases with wins, at what points will this next be raised. If I do reach 300,000 can I expect a reward.
    Kind regards

    1. Solitaire Social Community

      Hello Brian!
      I cannot say what exactly difficulty you might have bacause I don’t see your game progress or any applicable data that let me give you the correct reply. I think, our support team will be able to help you with this.
      One this is sure is that the difficulty level is not raised non-stop. Of course, it has a limit. And speaking about the players who usually take top positions in our magic contest, most of them are a very experienced players, many of them are already of the Legend level and I dare say they have same difficulty level you do.
      I wish you much luck in your games! And if you still doubt about your difficulty level, I would recommend you to contact our support team via the Report a problem button.

      Respectfully yours,
      The Kosmos Team

  7. Brian Stevens

    When you say you cannot see game progress of applicable data i can advise that
    my ID number is 25295. Does this help. Last night at the start of the new Showdown
    I scored a total of 6200 points from 10pm to Midnight, using wands at times to assist in reaching
    the chests. But you have to agree that such a score is pathetic. Surely I cannot have suddenly become a bad player
    so something has had to have dramatically gone wrong

  8. Anastasia

    I love this game!

  9. graliontorile

    obviously like your web-site but you have to check the spelling on several of your posts. Several of them are rife with spelling problems and I find it very bothersome to tell the truth nevertheless I will certainly come back again.

  10. cheryl l page

    mine is saying it is blocked and i was playing it earlier

  11. Cheryl

    Is there only three world for Around the World tournament? I’ve all three with 3 stars on each location in the world an still won’t show more worlds to play

    1. Solitaire Social Community

      Hello Cheryl! In the mobile version of our game there are only 3 countries available but our PC game at this domain has about 60 countries. Have you already tried to play here?

  12. Susan.perryman

    Can you give me any idea how to play this game from the very beginning, 1st task etc and then from there round the world . I play solitaire love the game but would like to start from the beginning instead of partly through to the level you are at now please.

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