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How to Play Pyramid Solitaire

Pyramid Solitaire is a very well-known variation of solitaire, characterized by its easy to use and also challenging features. It’s a game for both the casual players and for the players who are seeking mental stimulations. If you want to relax or to challenge your mind, Pyramid Solitaire is a perfect one for a game of cards.

In the next section, we will discuss the setup for the Pyramid Solitaire and detail its rules, thereby, giving you a good idea of how to play.

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Pyramid Solitaire Rules

  1. The aim of the Pyramid Solitaire game is to remove all the cards from the pyramid by arranging them into couples, thus reaching the number 13.
  2. You can remove cards from the pyramid if they sum to 13. For instance, you can have 3 with 10, 6 with 7, and so forth.
  3. Not covered cards will only be available for pairing and removal. After you take out the cards, the cards which were previously under each card will become accessible.
  4. If you can’t make any more pairs from the cards in the pyramid, you can draw cards from the draw pile. Thus, when the pile of draw card is exhausted, you can no longer draw cards.
  5. The foundations which are connected to the pyramid are the pairs of cards that are matched. These pairs provide the foundation on which your solution stands while you face the task of making the pyramid empty.
  6. Plan your moves strategically by locating winning keys and securing possibilities of matching. Think of which cards to remove first to have a greater possibility of clearing the pyramid.
  7. If you manage to remove every card from the pyramid or if there are no more pairings to choose from and the pile of cards to draw is empty, the game is over.

Now as you are equipped with the rules, now you are ready for your first pyramid solitaire card game.

Pyramid Solitaire Setup

The requirement of the game is that you must have a deck of 52 cards. Make sure that you have all required cards before they start this setup instructions. Here’s how to prepare for Pyramid Solitaire:

  1. Firstly, complete a deck shuffle thoroughly so that all cards are distributed randomly.
  2. Lay out the deck face up in seven rows to form a pyramid. Begin with a single card in the first row, then continue adding cards to each row after that until the fourth row has seven cards.
  3. Arrange the remaining cards in a draw card pile, face down.
  4. Set up the pyramid so that each card is partially obstructed by the ones above it, forming a visible baseline.
  5. Placeholders for the foundation piles, the pairs, are above the pyramid. By following these directions you will be prepared to relax and play Pyramid Solitaire.

Types of Pyramid Solitaire

Pyramid Solitaire has different varieties that give multiple challenges and different types of gaming experiences. Here are some of the most popular types of Pyramid Solitaire card game:

1. Classic Pyramid Solitaire

In the conventional Pyramid Solitaire, the game begins with a pyramid-shaped arrangement of cards that players have to clear up by getting pairs that add up to 13 to complete the game. Kings can be removed one at a time, considering their value of 13. The game is over when all cards on the pyramid are successfully matched and removed. The version of Pyramid Solitaire which is played and liked by most people including beginners, intermediates and experts is this one.

2. Tut’s Tomb

Tut’s Tomb is the version of Pyramid Solitaire where the pyramid is built upside-down, starting from the largest row on top to the smallest on bottom. Players still need to match cards to form a total of 13 and clear the pyramid. The reverse screen increases the difficulty level, which requires the gamers to think logically and make a rationally conceived move. Tut’s Tomb is popular among Pyramid Solitaire fans looking for some variation on the classic game.

3. Mummy’s Curse

In the game of Mummy’s Curse Pyramid Solitaire, some cards are buried under the pyramid and must be dug up by removing cards that are above them. Players have to skillfully choose which cards to match in order to uncover the buried cards and go through the game. The buried cards make the gameplay more mystical and full of suspense, thus making Mummy’s Curse Pyramid Solitaire an exciting and absorbing game.

These are some of the numerous variants of Pyramid Solitaire that players can enjoy. For each variant there is a unique set of rules, challenges, and solutions, making Pyramid Solitaire a never-ending source of new and entertaining discoveries. Whether you like the original or just enjoy seeing the different twists added, you can’t fail to have a good time playing Pyramid Solitaire.

Solitaire Social Vs Pyramid

The experiences of Solitaire Social and Pyramid Solitaire are unique, satisfying the different preferences and play styles of players. Solitaire Social stands apart thanks to a competitive and multiplayer outlook with which it transforms the traditional solitaire format, letting people play with fellow players from any part of the world at any time. Its social gaming aspects, such as tournaments and one-on-one games, create thrill and involvement during the gameplay.

Besides, the emergence of magic and spells adds a strategic dimension as well, allowing the players to get advantage over their opponents. On the one hand, Pyramid Solitaire sticks the gameplay to the standard single-player mode, where players are challenged by their logical intelligence. Having a match of 2 cards in one pyramid-shaped deck to reach exactly 13 and checking on some specific cards which may grant tokens, Pyramid Solitaire requires its players to be very conscious with their movements. Due to the lack of multiplayer capabilities,

Pyramid Solitaire grants a satisfying and immersive single-player gaming that challenges players thinking and decision-making. Ultimately, the decision between Solitaire Social and Pyramid Solitaire comes down to whether players prefer competitive multiplayer gameplay or a classical single-player challenge.

Pyramid Solitaire – FAQ

How is Pyramid Solitaire Different from Tut’s Tomb?

Pyramid Solitaire and Tut’s Tomb have both assimilation of solitaire with similar aim of removing a pyramid-shaped design of cards. Tut’s Tomb is similar to Pyramid Solitaire except for the pyramid arrangement. In Tut’s Tomb, the pyramid is built inverted, with the most extensive row being at the top and the smallest one towards the bottom, raising an additional level of difficulty to the game.

What Are the Odds of Winning Pyramid Solitaire?

Similarly to all the other games, there is no fixed chance to win, as it can vary from one game to another. Nevertheless, an experienced player should win more than 80% of their games.

How Many Kinds of Pyramid Solitaire Are There?

There are a number of kinds and variants of Pyramid Solitaire, such as Classic Pyramid, Tut’s Tomb, Mummy’s Curse, TriPeaks, Scarab Solitaire, and Double Pyramid among others. Nevertheless, one of the most played versions of Pyramid Solitaire is Classic Pyramid.

Is Pyramid Solitaire Difficult?

Pyramid Solitaire difficulty varies with how well players understand the game’s rules and are good at formulating strategies. At the core, Pyramid Solitaire requires players to remove a pyramid-shaped arrangement of cards by pairing them to get a sum of 13.

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