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The game Spider Solitaire has been known since the days of old Windows operating systems. There are many rules and several versions of Spider Solitaire. That’s why we’ve created this quick and easy guide to help you understand the rules and setting up of Spider Solitaire.

The game above was provided by the online solitaire website. Thanks to this you will be able not only to read about the rules of Spider Solitaire, but also to practice them. Play Spider Solitaire online, it will help you understand the rules faster.

Spider Solitaire started in the late 1940s, drawing its name from a spider’s eight legs being compared to the eight foundation piles present in the game. It was popularized by Microsoft, which created a pre-installed version in all Windows operating systems.
We have written a guide to help you understand everything about this game. We’ll explain Spider Solitaire rules and show you how to play Spider Solitaire effectively.

Introduction To Spider Solitaire Card Games

Spider Solitaire uses two decks of 52 cards each. 54 cards are initially placed across 10 columns on the table, and these columns are known as a tableau. The other 50 cards are positioned in the stock pile for players to draw if they run out of cards.
The tableau has 10 columns, with the first four having six cards each and the remaining having five cards each. The top card of each column faces up while the rest faces down. The goal is to transfer all cards from the tableau to the foundation pile in ascending order, starting from an Ace and ending with a King.

Spider Solitaire Rules

To play Spider Solitaire you’ll need some space, free time and at least two decks of cards instead of just one in Klondike Solitaire (don’t forget to remove the Jokers). The number of cards in these decks should be 52.
Top Tip: Play with different decks, so you don’t mix them.
Once that is done and you are ready to set up the game please lay ten cards in a row facing down. Repeat this step 3 times until you have four rows of 10 cards each(facing down). Then, add the 5th row of cards: first 4 should be facing down and the rest facing up(meaning they are facing you). Add 4 facing up cards to the last 6th row. The leftover cards are called the Talon, the remaining stack of cards that have yet to be dealt. Keep these close, as you’ll need them to play. Spider Solitaire setup

The game’s goal is to make eight sequences of cards within a column. These sequences should be in descending order, from King to ace. We can compare them with 8 legs of a spider. That’s why game was called Spider Solitaire!
To reach the game’s goal, you can only move a faced-up card onto another if the card is in descending order. For example, a 5 can only be placed on a 6. If you have a several cards in a row (i.e., 9,8, 7, and 6), and a card of the next highest level (10 for this example) becomes available, you can move the whole sequence of cards. Don’t forget to use Solitaire hints!
Notice that the online Spider Solitaire has several variants of the game:

  • 1 suite
  • 2 suits
  • 4 suits

You will need to get sequences of the same suit. Because of this, in games with multiple suits, you won’t be able to move mixed suits from one column to another – don’t forget that.
When there are no more moves to make, use the talon to create a new row of cards. It gets harder to make full columns when you add more cards. You cannot move a card if it is being blocked by another, regardless of which way it is facing.

Once a card has moved, the next facing down card the previous card was blocking will be faced up. The Kings are the foundation cards. It cannot be moved until the column is complete or if there is free space on the board (a column has been completed and left it alone). Once a column is complete, it is placed away from the others, and those cards can no longer be used.
There are multiple versions of Spider Solitaire that you can play both offline and online. Here is a detailed game plan for playing these different versions of Spider Solitaire.

How To Play Two Suit Spider Solitaire

The way we have previously described it is known as One Suit Spider Solitaire. This means that the suit or color of the cards doesn’t matter if the numbers are in the correct order (if you are playing off-line using real card decks). The layout and goals are the same as One Suit Spider Solitaire, with a few changes.
The colors of the cards matter in two-suit spider solitaire. For example, a six of hearts can be placed over a seven of diamonds as both suits are red. The online version of Spider Solitaire uses only 2 suits, so you do not get confused.
So, if a mixture of black and red cards is in a sequence, you cannot move it. However, you can make red-black sequences to clear space. On most computer versions, this is typically shown as spades and hearts.

How To Play Four Suit Spider Solitaire

Four Suit Spider Solitaire is the most complex version of Spider Solitaire with two decks of cards. In this version, both the color and suit matter. Therefore, you must make the whole set with the same suit meanings to make a complete set.

How to Play Spiderette Solitaire

Spiderette Solitaire is only played with one deck. Rather than completing eight columns, the goal is to complete four columns from king to ace. This layout is based on the classic solitaire layout.
First, shuffle and lay out seven cards face down in a row. Flip the farthest left card to the face up. Then skip the first card to your left and lay down another row of face-down cards on the six remaining rows. Flip the card next to the card facing up to be face up towards you. Then skip the first two columns on your left and put another row of face-down cards onto the five remaining rows. Repeat this until the layout looks like this:basic solitaire layout

You can play one suit, two, or four suits of Spiderette Solitaire. The same rules for Spider Solitaire apply here. That’s how to play spider solitaire with one deck. What makes this game different from Klondike Solitaire is that the cards from Talon are placed on top of the cards in the rows and come into play immediately. In Klondike Solitaire, as in Solitaire Social, you can choose which cards to use and which to save for later.

Tips on How to Play Spider Solitaire

  • Empty the larger columns first. When there are more cards in a column, you’re more likely to find the cards needed for your next move.
  • Reveal the first card from the deck as your first playing move. This card could potentially start a tableau.
  • Expose cards facing down as quickly as possible. This move helps you identify the new set of possible moves.
  • Play an Ace or a King as soon as you have the opportunity.
  • Use the undo button. If you hit a roadblock and get confused about the next move to make, feel free to use the undo button to revert your decision and plot a better move.

Let’s compare Spider Solitaire with Solitaire Social

Solitaire Social uses the Klondike Solitaire layout in with some unique spells you will not find in another online game. You can invite your friends or compete strangers worldwide with special power-ups and more! You are introduced to special game options when you sign up (no download or payment required). Some power-ups are self-explanatory, such as hint and undo. However, there are unique ones at play too.
The one you are introduced to is Magic, the strongest spell in the game. When the game is critical, the Magic power-up can save you time by unlocking cards faster and making quick moves. Magic can also be used as in-game currency to buy other spells.
The Freezer allows you to freeze all your opponent’s moves for 20 seconds, зerfect for speed play. Use the free magnet tool to move your cards to the foundation automatically. But be careful, sometimes it can lead to a deadlock situation. The main draw is the multiplayer Solitaire Tournaments. Eight people compete in a series of matches to be the best of the best! These trophies and spells also lend themselves to upgrade your additional locations. That’s right; you can decorate your garden, which can be improved with the winnings from the tournaments. The garden is unlocked after five tournaments. There is also the Knockout Tournament, where you go through 3 continuous rounds against 3 other players until there is only one winner. There are also daily quests for more advantages within the Solitaire Social game. The prizes are spells, shields and coins. In addition to the differences in card layout, Solitaire Social has many additional advantages over Spider Solitaire.
Spider Solitaire is a fun game for those who like a challenge. Be patient, think ahead, and practice is how you’ll win this game. Try it out! And if you’re tired of the classic Spider, check out the wonderful world of Solitaire Social!

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How to Set Up a Spider Solitaire Game

You have two decks of 52 cards each, totaling 104 cards.

  1. Arrange 54 cards in ten columns on the table. The first four columns will have four cards each, and the remaining six will have five.
  2. Place the first card in each column facing up, while the rest face down.
  3. Place the remaining 50 cards into a pile on the table’s side. This is known as the stockpile, which players can draw from when they run out of cards.

You have successfully set up the game after completing these steps.

How to Win at Spider Solitaire

Not every game of Solitaire is winnable. The odds of winning Solitaire are 1 in 3 for an average player, which implies that you’re more likely to lose than win. However, don’t fret. You can improve your chances of winning with experience and strategic thinking. Follow the aforementioned tips to boost your chances of winning a game, either solo or multi-player.

How to Play Spider Solitaire – FAQs

How Do You Play Little Spider Solitaire?

Little Spider Solitaire gives you a broader range of choices to make. This version uses four foundation piles instead of eight in the typical Spider Solitaire game. The aim remains to move the cards from the tableau to the foundation in ascending sequence beginning with an Ace and ending with a King.

How Easy Is Spider Solitaire?

Spider Solitaire is considered to be one of the most challenging types of Solitaire to play. Every game is played with two decks of cards, totaling 104 cards, but you can reduce the difficulty by adding more decks. Spider Solitaire is difficult, but you can become a pro with regular practice and strategy.

What Is the Aim Of Spider Solitaire?

The goal is to transfer cards from the tableau to the foundation in this sequence; Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, and King. Players move their cards strategically to get this sequence in the shortest possible time. The more you arrange the cards correctly, the more your chances of winning.

How Many Cards Do You Deal For Spider Solitaire?

The game uses 104 cards in total. At the start, you deal 54 cards on the table across 10 columns. You then keep the remaining 50 as the stock pile for players to draw from when they don’t have any moves to make. There’s usually a limit on how many cards a player can draw from the stock pile; 1 or 3 cards at a time are the most common options.

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