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How to Play Canfield Solitaire

Canfield solitaire, also called Demon or Demon Patience, is a version of solitaire much like the traditional format. However, Canfield solitaire has several different rules that make the probability of winning lower and the game itself more challenging. Canfield Solitaire originally started in the late 1800s in England. It was later popularized by casino owner Richard Canfield. Canfield is now played around the globe.
Much like traditional solitaire, Canfield solitaire is played by a solo player with a single deck of cards. Set up solitaire and the rules of play differ from traditional solitaire, but the main idea of the game is the same.

Canfield Solitaire Setup

A game of Canfield solitaire is set up much differently than a game of traditional solitaire. To begin, 13cards are dealt into a pile. This is called the reserve. Your reserve pile will consist of 13 cards all face down. The top card in the reserve is then flipped face up before the game begins.
To the right of the reserve pile, the player will need to set up four foundation piles in a row. A card is drawn and placed face up in the foundation pile closest to the reserve pile. The card that is placed face up in the first foundation pile will determine what value of card each of the other three foundation piles has to start on. The other three piles to the right of the first will remain empty until the game begins.
Underneath the four foundation piles, the player will need to set up four more piles called the tableau. These piles will start with one card each and be located directly underneath the four foundation piles. The tableau will work like traditional solitaire where cards can be added, but only if they are the next lowest card and the opposite color.
The rest of the cards will be set to the side and used as your draw pile. When you have your reserve, foundations, tableau, and draw pile all set up, you are ready to get started on your game of Canfield solitaire. Canfield Solitaire setup

Canfield Solitaire Rules

To begin a game of Canfield solitaire it is important to identify the card present in the first foundation. This card leads and acts as the ‘ace’ in traditional solitaire. This means that each foundation will need to begin with this number and be built on in ascending order in the same suit. When all four foundation piles are built up with the 13 cards of each suit, the player wins the game.
To begin, players can start by making a move from either the tableau, the top of the reserve, or the draw pile. The tableau can be built down by alternating colors much like a traditional game of solitaire. The difference is that any open space in the tableau must be filled by the top card of the reserve. When the top card of the reserve is brought into either the tableau or played in a foundation, the next card gets flipped over and can be used.
One interesting rule specific to Canfield solitaire is that if the reserve is empty and there is an open space in the tableau, any card can be placed there regardless of value. In a traditional game of solitaire, only kings can start a row in the tableau. This is not the case for Canfield solitaire.
If nothing can be played from the reserve or the tableau, players can cycle through the draw pile to find a card that can be played. The game is over when each of the four foundation piles is filled in ascending order of the same suit starting at the lead card or when a player can make no more legal moves from the reserve, draw pile, or tableau.
Canfield Solitaire is mostly played exactly like traditional solitaire. The only difference comes in what card starts the foundation and the use of the reserve to fill the tableau. The rest of the game is incredibly like the solitaire you know and love.

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Canfield Solitaire is designed to be more difficult. The varying lead cards make each game unique but challenging. Unlike the games available on solitaire social, Canfield solitaire is not designed to be played with or against friends. The game is great for individual play but does not lend itself to multiple players or tournament-style competitions.
Although Canfield solitaire is an interesting variation to the traditional solitaire most people know, it is not as consistently fun as the games available on Solitaire Social. The solitaire on solitaire social is perfect for both casual players and competitive enthusiasts of the game. Playing against other people from around the world is what makes online solitaire fun. The additional power-ups in solitaire social make the game fun and accessible to everyone.
In Canfield solitaire, you are playing against yourself. You are measuring your wits against the luck of the cards. When you play on Solitaire Social, you get to play against another live player. Nothing gets your blood pumping like a game of head-to-head solitaire on solitaire social. Canfield Solitaire vs Solitaire Social
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