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To keep your brain active and awake, there are different ways to stimulate it. Here you can train it with a popular game – Wordle.
Your task is to guess the word. Enter any word of suitable length into the line and press Enter. The highlighting of the letters will give you hints:

  • Grey – no such letter in the word
  • Yellow – the letter is in the word, but it must be in another position.
  • Green – you have correctly guessed letter and its position in the word

You will have six tries to guess the word. We believe in your success!

We have prepared several levels of difficulty for you – based on the number of letters in the words. Choose the one that suits you best or try all three. Please leave comments with your results and impressions!
The words will be updated weekly.

Easy level – guess 4 letter word

Medium level – guess 5 letter word

Hard level – guess 6 letter word

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Wordle is the latest puzzle game to sweep the nation. The game requires you to guess words that contain frequently used letters to uncover the word of the day. Wordle is a great way to stimulate your brain and feel the excitement of successfully guessing the word.

The Wordle Wave

Wordle went viral in 2022 and became a cultural phenomenon. At one point it seemed like everyone was playing the daily wordle and posting their results to social media. Early versions of the word guessing game were developed in 2013, but the first version of the game to hit the web was released in 2021. By the start of 2022, Wordle’s popularity began to skyrocket. The game has become part of many people’s daily routines and has provided tons of challenging fun for those who play.
At the peak of its popularity in the middle of January 2022, Wordle.com was acquired by The New York Times, cementing the game as an instant classic. Now, many versions of wordle are available across the web.

Variations of the Game

The original Wordle game gives players six opportunities to guess the five-letter word. If the player guesses a correct letter in the correct position, the letter will be green. If the letter is present in the word, but in the wrong spot, it will be yellow. If a letter is not in the world at all it will be grey. The fewer tries it takes you to guess the word, the higher score you receive.
Variations of this game have been made to increase or decrease the difficulty of the game. Wordle is available with fewer guesses or no hints on correct letters.
The biggest variation that is available in wordle is the length of the word the player is trying to figure out. For easier games, players can choose 3-letter word games or 4-letter word games. For a more difficult challenge, players can choose 6-letter word games.
The blueprint of wordle has been applied to a variety of different versions of the game that do not utilize letters or words. Different wordle variations include math equations, locations on the map, and professional athletes to just name a few.

Why We Love Wordle

Wordle is a challenging game that rewards a vast vocabulary but is accessible to most players. Even if you are guessing most of the time, you can still usually find a solution because of the hinted letters that are marked as present in the word. Wordle uses the perfect mixture of strategy and luck to find the solution. Players can try to increase their score each day by using words that utilize the most frequently used letters to find hints to the solution.
Wordle is a great way to train your brain and even has been tied to improved memory and problem-solving skills. Doing wordle every day can help you build your vocabulary and can improve cognitive function. In addition to these benefits, wordle is tons of word-based fun.

Play Solitaire Social

Most of our players find that Solitaire Social helps train their memory and attention. Try it yourself!

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