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Solitaire is one of the world’s oldest games. It begun in the 1700s and has evolved into many exciting formats. Yet, you can still play the Original Solitaire format online for free. We’ll explain how to set up this game and play it effectively.
You can trace Solitaire’s history to the late 1700s across Europe and Scandinavia. It is a tabletop card game you can play alone or with friends in modern online versions. The goal is to arrange a deck of cards in a desired sequence, starting with an Ace and ending with a King. Nowadays, there are many versions of the original Solitaire game available online.

How To Set Up Original Solitaire Card Game

Solitaire uses a deck of 52 cards. Follow these steps to set up the game:

  • Shuffle the cards to ensure they mix up well.
  • Deal seven cards in a row, with the first one facing up. This forms the basis of your columns.
  • Deal six cards starting from the second column.
  • Deal five cards beginning from the third column.
  • Deal four cards beginning from the fourth column.
  • Deal three cards starting from the fifth column.
  • Deal two cards starting from the sixth column.
  • Deal the final card in the seventh column.

Remember to face the first card up when dealing every column. You’ll deal a total of 28 cards on the table, or tableau as it’s called in Solitaire. Place the remaining 24 cards on the left-hand side; this is called the stock, where players can draw cards from when they run out of moves.
Create a space for the foundation piles where you’ll arrange the cards in the desired sequence. At this point, you’re ready to begin playing.

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To play online solitaire with friends just click this button to sign in

Solitaire Social Is the Free Original Solitaire

Solitaire Social is a free original Solitaire game that you can play online. “Social” means you can compete against friends to see who has the better skills. You can connect your Facebook accounts and invite friends to play.
As you play Solitaire Social, you move cards to the foundation piles to arrange them in the desired sequence. The more cards fitting the sequence, the more points you get. When a set timer runs out, the player with the higher score wins.

Original Solitaire Strategy

The most important Solitaire strategies include:

  • Move the cards on the tableau before touching the stockpile. This broadens your options for making winning moves as the game progresses. Draw from the stockpile only when you’ve run out of possible moves.
  • Move Aces and Twos to the foundation pile as soon as possible.
  • Move cards from columns with a higher number of facedown cards. This helps you reveal hidden cards as soon as possible.
  • Build your foundation piles evenly. Maintain the order as evenly as possible as you arrange it in the desired sequence.
  • Don’t create empty columns unless you have a King to fill the space.

Original Solitaire – FAQs

What Was the Original Solitaire?

The earliest original form of Solitaire was known as Patience. It got its name because the game required a lot of patience and concentration to win. The most popular type of Solitaire currently is Klondike, which was popularized by Microsoft pre-installing a digital version in its Windows operating system.

How Can I Get Original Solitaire For Free?

You can play Original Solitaire through many formats. For instance, you can still download the game from the Microsoft Store and play it on your Windows PC. Similarly, you can play online versions, such as Solitaire Social, which adds a social touch to the game to make it more exciting and adventurous.

How Do I Play Original Solitaire Like A Pro?

Ensure you learn the rules of the game. Apply strategy and think deeply before making any move. For instance, playing your Aces and Kings is advisable once you get the opportunity. The odds of winning a Solitaire game is 1 in 3, but you can increase your odds with regular gameplay and strategic thinking.

What Is the Oldest Card Game?

Karniffel is considered to be the world’s oldest card game. It began in the 15th Century in Europe and is the oldest identified card game. Research has identified several other card games around this era, but Karniffel is the oldest with established rules. It was a game involving four players playing in pairs.

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