Most favorite online Solitaire games in USA

Surely a lot of people all over the world love computer games. The most popular are those ones that you are definitely familiar with. Solitaire is known by almost everyone. This type of game has a huge number of fans, so there are more and more versions of it. There are paid and free online solitaire games, upgraded and familiar versions, versions with and without creative additions. Let’s take a look at the free solitaires with no downloads and choose the best one for ourselves.

Solitaire Social

This game is one of the brightest and most exciting card games. Here you will find a large number of levels, modes, interesting details of the game! Here you can play with friends, compete with other players, grow your own garden, accumulate points and special bonuses and improve yourself daily while having fun playing cards. Moreover, you will definitely not get bored with Social Solitaire, because special events are waiting for you here every day! Don’t miss it!

Spider Mania

This is the version which is really popular. Surely you have heard about it more than once, but if not, let’s talk about it and immerse ourselves in the exciting university of entertainment! This is free online card game with no download or registration, which is really comfortable and popular!
This version is not just for relaxation and passing hours! This version of Solitaire is very exciting, makes you think a lot and build strategies, and of course have a lot of fun! If you like to break your head, welcome! The main task is to remove all the cards from the board, collecting stacks of cards either in order or by suit. The game also has a table with leaders! That’s where we need to go! In this game you will find 3 levels of difficulty, and most importantly – this is one of the free solitaire games to play now!

Jewel Match Solitaire L’Amour

If we talked about classic solitaire before, this version of the game is more suitable for those who like something unusual. This is a game about love! And, of course, about the cards! This is a sweet, charming version of the traditional Solitaire game. Here, in addition to the usual Solitaire game, you will enjoy the romance between each character when you are involved in the game process.
A magical, exciting version of the game will immerse you in the world of a passionate couple who will take you all over the country. Don’t forget your love deck!
There are as many as 5 beautiful scenes, 200 levels and 50 bonus levels waiting for you in the game! You can choose the design of the cards yourself, as well as the variations of the game!

Jewel Match Solitaire Winterscapes

Well, since we’re talking about unusual types of games, we can’t help but touch on the Jewel Match Solitaire game. Brr, we’re already cold! This version of the game implies winter landscapes and high-quality free online solitaire game! Here, as in any solitaire game, you play according to the familiar principle in the conditions of a beautiful frosty winter! Get three stars to complete the game and become the best!

Solitaire: Elemental Wizards

This solitaire is not as simple as it seems. Its whole point is that the game has a plot that takes place in a vast universe. Here you will play with a half-beastman and his entourage and immerse yourself in an exciting journey! Your task is not just to play cards, your task is to restore the balance of the elements of the world! With the course of the game and your victories, you will discover all new levels, facets and worlds of the game!
Here you will have to think carefully before accepting titles! Many adventures, challenging tasks and interesting stages are waiting for you, because this is one of the best free solitaire games to play online! Play free solitaire without downloading! Success and great victories!


If you like classics, let’s go back to where we started! The game Solitaired a game for those who like to be simple and to the point and this is actually free no download solitaire. This is something that does not need any special conditions, just one of the free online solitaire games to play now. Just a green field, maps and an endless stream of your thoughts and complex tasks. Despite the lack of a plot, which is in the previous games, you will definitely not get bored, because there are puzzles for everyone here. Well, as you can see, the main advantage of the game is that it is free no download solitaire, you only need the desire and time!

Solitaire Keeper of Dreams

Here is another storyline, completely different from the previous ones! You must protect children’s dreams! Getting down to business? Become a real helper for the main character in saving sweet dreams and try to feel being a part of a huge process!
While playing this wonderful plot, you will immerse yourself in the subtleties of the plot, achieve every goal and solve many tasks. Enjoy Dreams Keeper Solitaire right now!
Here you will find more than 180 levels, different types of difficulty! Unique challenges, characters, puzzles and styles! An easy game system that is addictive! Get this free solitaire download for Android and you will definitely be satisfied!

Here is such a selection we have turned out! Here you have found both online and download games, as well as seen action-packed exciting games and solitaire classics. Play solitaire free with no downloads, win and enjoy!

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