Arts Festival – one of Solitaire Social’s Events

Right now Solitaire Social is running the Arts Festival! Hurry to take part! Creating real works of art – isn’t that what makes us happy? Play your favorite online Solitaire game, get inspired and paint pictures.
The more inspiration you have – the more paints and other valuable items you get.Color the picture on Solitaire Social

Arts Festival rules:

Arts Festival Rules

  1. Win rounds of Solitaire Social and find inspiration under each Queen. Keep in mind that each defeat takes away 1 inspiration.
  2. For each level of the contest that you complete, you receive prizes and paints.
  3. Color a picture with the paints you receive.
  4. Send the finished work to the exhibition and get a unique prize for it!

Head to the Arts Festival as soon as possible – the first picture is waiting! Over the next few days you’ll find inspiration under every Queen you play – you can’t miss it! Play Solitaire Social and make the world more beautiful!

Artist’s Set

By the way, during the Arts Festival a special offer will be available – the Artist’s set, which consists of:

  • 100 Magic Wands;
  • 600 coins;
  • 5 boosters;
  • 12 hours protection from freezing and waiting in tournaments;
  • Surprise Chest.

The more stages of the competition you pass, the greater discount you get!

Artist's set - special offer

Arts Festival on Solitaire Social

Play your favorite Solitaire Tournaments and get inspirations!

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