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Solitaire Social has an internal store, where you can buy a lot of useful things to play Solitaire in the winning mode. Among Shop items are spells, coins, and packages that will help you climb faster to the very top of Solitaire Social.

How does the Solitaire Social shop work?

The Solitaire shop icon is located to the right of the Magic counter on the Top panel. There are three sections inside: Bundles, Coins and Magic.

Solitaire Social offers for players

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These are our store’s best deals: you buy a bundle of useful items at once – Magic, Coins, and Spells.
What kind of bundles does the Solitaire shop offer?
Solitaire Social Bundles

Tidbit (2.49 USD)

1 Magic
25 Coins
Freeze Shield for 30 minutes
Time Bubble for 30 minutes

Jack’s Stash (5.99 USD)

4 Magic
50 Coins
Freeze Shield for 1 hour
Time Bubble for 1 hour
1 Freezer

Queen’s Jewels (11.99 USD)

10 Magic
100 Coins
Freeze Shield for 2 hours
Time Bubble for 2 hours
1 Joker
1 Shuffles
1 Freezer

King’s Treasures (24.99 USD)

25 Magic
200 Coins
Freeze Shield for 4 hours
Time Bubble for 4 hours
2 Jokers
2 Shuffles
2 Freezers

Ace Epic (49.99 USD)

65 Magic
400 Coins
Freeze Shield 12 hours
Time Bubble 12 hours
5 Jokers
5 Shuffles
5 Freezers

Ultimate bundle (99.99 USD)

160 Magic
800 Coins
Freeze Shield
Time Bubble
12 Jokers
12 Shuffles
12 Freezers


Buy Solitaire MAgicMagic is the most popular tool in the Solitaire Social game. You can use it to draw a card from a locked deck during a tournament and buy Magical Decor at the Garden Shop. In addition, you can spend Magic on Spells and your achievements in the game if you suddenly lose.
Here are the Magic offers in the Solitaire shop:

  • 1 Magic Wand for 1.99 USD)
  • 4 Magic Wands for 4.99 USD
  • 4 Magic Wands with a surprize in a chest for 4.99 USD
  • 10 Magic Wands for 9.99 USD
  • 25 Magic Wands for 19.99 USD


Buy Solitaire CoinsIn this section, as you can easily guess, you can buy Сoins. Coins are needed to improve your Garden, Bayside and Farm. Coins can be used to improve these beautiful locations, and you can also buy Standard Decor from the Garden store.
Sets of Coins in the Solitaire Social shop:

  • 25 Coins for 1.99 USD
  • 65 Coins for 4.99 USD
  • 150 Coins for 9.99 USD
  • 325 Coins for 19.99 USD
  • 750 Coins for 39.99 USD

It is necessary to buy something at the Solitaire Shop?

You can play The Solitaire Social game without buying anything in our store. All tournaments are free and do not require any purchases.
Of course, the Сoins, Magic, and Spells might help you to get to the top of the rankings much faster. The gameplay will be easier and more comfortable, but if you decide not to spend a dime on Solitaire Social, you can still enjoy the game, have a great time, and become a true Solitaire professional!
Play Solitaire Social daily, have fun, make friends, and practice your skills!

Solitaire Social offers for players

Do you want to check shop offers by yourself?

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