February 2023: latest game releases and reviews

This year’s game lineup is exciting, to say the least. The latest game releases are a breath of fresh air as compared to the game releases of last year. We had a healthy blend of both new IPs and the return of the fan-favorite franchise.
So, let’s look at some of the latest game releases that are currently breaking the internet.

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Hogwarts Legacy

Let’s start with the elephant in the room, Hogwarts Legacy. The much-awaited video game is based on the popular Harry Potter franchise. The whole J.K Rowling controversy aside, Hogwarts Legacy has proved to be a very popular video game.
As of writing this review, 12 million copies of Hogwarts Legacy have sold. The latest sales figures are north of $850 million in two weeks. Making Hogwarts legacy one of the fastest-selling video games ever.
The game is set in the late 1800s in the Harry Potter universe. Your main character is a student at the infamous Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, just starting their fifth year. Hogwarts legacy offers full customization of your character, like choosing gender and appearance.
Players can explore familiar locations at and near Hogwarts, like Hogsmeade and the forbidden forest. As you fly on broomsticks and cast away spells, there is trouble brewing in the background.
As you explore the world and take classes at Hogwarts, you must also uncover a massive conspiracy. Hogwarts legacy is a fun experience for both Potter and Non-Potter heads alike.

Atomic Heart

It seems like these days you can’t release a game without causing controversy. Atomic Heart also found themselves in a similar situation at release when some people started a boycott of the game because of the alleged Russian background of the development studio.
Controversy aside, Atomic Heart is also shaping up to be a popular game. The first-person shooter is set in the 1955 Soviet Union in an alternate timeline. In this alternate timeline, the Soviet Union created an exotic technology called Polymer. Propelling them into the field of robotics and power. And after World War II, the Soviet Union became a military and economic superpower.
Atomic Heart will remind veteran players of games like Bio Shock and Fallout. As slash and shoot your way through the world of Atomic Heart, you will find the hidden underbelly of the supposed utopia the Soviet Union has created.
Overall, the game’s aesthetic and idea are very intriguing and are a must-play for any first-person shooter fan.

Company of Heroes 3

The fan-favorite real-time strategy game by Relic Entertainment comes back for its third Iteration. Company of Heroes has been a household name among RTS fans and this time fans of the franchise are taken to the beaches of Italy and deserts of North Africa.
Company of Heroes 3 brings with it new features like the Tactical Pause system, which allows the player to pause the game and queue up commands that are executed when the game Is resumed. The destruction and firing mechanics have also gotten better, giving you a more realistic feel of the battlefield in WWII.
Fans of the franchise will return to the familiar action-packed gameplay that the company of heroes is known for. While there were many quality-of-life improvements and new campaigns added to Company of Heroes 3. The game has had a mixed reception. Some fans are happy with the new game while others complain that there isn’t much innovation in the franchise. Especially since the last Company of Heroes game was released almost a decade ago.
But if you are looking to take control as Rommel and fight the infamous desert rats in Africa, there is no better place than to jump into Company of Heroes 3.

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