Elon Musk Wants to Buy Twitter at Its Original Price

The billionaire and CEO at Tesla and SpaceX is once again in the spotlight with yet another Twitter-related saga. Months after Musk agreed to buy Twitter for $44 billion but later changed his mind and submitted a termination letter of the deal, now he’s back again with a suggestion to buy the social media company at its original price.

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What Is Musk Offering This Time?

The Twitter drama was extremely massive for several months, as it was one of the tech industry’s biggest deals in modern history.
Its cinematic twits attracted the public’s attention even more and were followed even by people that haven’t used Twitter in their life.
Now Musk has followed up the drama with another surprise move that adds another plot turn. After fighting for months to get out of the big deal that was struck back in April, he made another proposal on the 3rd of October that he could end the acrimonious legal fight.
Musk said that he plans to do exactly what he said back in April, which is to acquire Twitter at $54.20 per share.

Twitter, which is suing the billionaire as a way to force him to fulfil the deal, has yet to accept Musk’s new proposal and it is planning to add specific conditions as protection so he doesn’t change his mind again.
The company could also demand Musk to pay interest on the deal price for the several months of delaying completing the acquisition. A deal would please both sides at this point as that way they will avoid a messy trail.

Twitter Will End up Victorious if the Deal Is Finalized

The popular social media platform has barely been profitable throughout its history as it has shrunken in size to other competitor social media platforms.
If a deal for the acquisition of Twitter at its original price is finalized then that would be a big victory for Twitter.
Musk submitted his latest proposed deal to Twitter on the evening of the 3rd of October, which informed the company that he intends to proceed with the original offer. In the letter, he asked for the court battle to be paused, amid the closing of the deal.
The day after the latest proposal was submitted, both sides met in court in an emergency virtual hearing so they could discuss the proposal before the judge that is overseeing the trial.
If both sides opt to proceed with the acquisition of Twitter, then a deal could be struck within weeks, or as soon as Musk pays the required $44 billion.

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