“Doctor Who” who?

Who is Doctor Who, you may ask? Doctor Who? A time-travelling alien from a planet called Gallifrey, with a time machine disguised as an iconic British police box. The biggest running theme that fans simply love about this British sci-fi classic is that the time-travelling alien has the ability to regenerate into any human shape and form.

Doctor Who enthusiasts were shocked by the latest feature-length special episode titled “The power of the Doctor”. Aired on Sunday the 23rd of October, the long-running sci-fi show didn’t disappoint as it was jammed-pack with thrilling drama and brought back nostalgic characters from the Doctor’s past. These both included previous Doctors (such as the fifth, sixth and eighth) and former treasured companions (Ace, Tegan and Joe, to name a few), all with the end goal in mind to help battle some of The Doctor’s most feared archenemies.

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An unexpected twist has fans screaming

Above all, the highlight of the episode was the anticipated final appearance of Jodie Whittaker, the first-ever female Doctor since the series aired in 1963. She currently represents the 13th Doctor and is due to regenerate into her next successor. However, there have been exciting speculations within the Doctor Who community that the popular Netflix series Sex Education star Ncuti Gatwa would be replacing Jodie Whittaker as the 14th Doctor of the series.
Doctor Who fans were prepared for the grand appearance of Ncuti Gatwa, soon to be the 14th Doctor. However, in a shocking twist, David Tennant emerged instead, sporting the exact same clothes he wore during his era as the 10th Doctor. Eagle-eyed fans raised eyebrows as normally the Doctor’s clothes stay the same during the regeneration. Perhaps a mystery yet to unravel?

Fans were left screaming and confused after the new Doctor was evidently aware that he was in a familiar body, guessed purely by recognising his own teeth. In the episode, he runs his tongue over his teeth before exclaiming in surprise: “I know these teeth!” In case you haven’t clocked the easter egg in this vital scene, David Tennant’s first appearance way back in 2005, after the 9th regeneration into the 10th, the Tennant’s Doctor can be seen hyper-fixating on his teeth, exclaiming that it’s new.
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A bittersweet end to an exciting new era

With such an epic and beautiful ending, Jodie Whittaker did a fantastic job during her time as the 13th Doctor. Although the unannounced appearance of David Tennant came with a bit of a shock, we can only wonder what more surprises are in store for us to uncover.

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