14 Ideas for February 14th

February 14th (or Valentine’s Day) is fast approaching, and you might feel stumped about what to do for your day. We’ve collected some great fun Valentine’s Day ideas. These are awesome for what to do on Valentine’s Day for singles or a couple and can make this day a heartfelt and memorable holiday.

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1 – The Classic Date

Before you roll your eyes and look for a better list of fun Valentine’s Day ideas, hold on. The Classic Date doesn’t have to be the same date you’re always used to. Pick your favourite time period and get fancy. Dress up like Monroe and Brando, or do your best “Gone With the Wind”. Get silly with it, and dress up like your favourite video game, movie, book, or graphic novel couple and go on their perfect date.

2 – Get Social with Solitaire

If you’re looking for fun Valentine’s Day ideas as a single or long-distance commitment person, Solitaire Social is perfect. It gives you a simple way to reach out and connect with other people all around the world. Play with friends, family, or that special someone who can’t be there right then. This makes it a great connector for you to the people you care about.
Trying to decipher what to do on Valentine’s Day for singles? The great thing about solitaire app no ads is that it lets you mingle and meet new people while playing a low-stress, relaxing game that breaks the ice for you.

3 – Go Stargazing

Whether you live somewhere dark enough to enjoy the blank canvas of stars or you’re closer to a skyline view, going star-or skyline-gazing is a great way to unplug and reconnect. This is a great idea for what to do for Valentine’s Day for singles and couples alike. Pack a picnic, a blanket, and maybe some tunes, and lay back and soak in the sights.

4 – The Bookstore Date

This date is a cute Valentine’s Day choice for a couple of bookworms. Go to your favourite bookstore together. Firstly, this is a great date location. Secondly, you can do a bunch of different things. Compare your favourite books. Go on a book scavenger hunt to find the perfect cover art your partner will love. Buy a book for each other that you hope they’ll like. The possibilities are endless, but no matter what, it’ll be a heartfelt choice for you to do together.
And as a fun, Valentine’s Day idea for singles- buy yourself all the books you want (You have our permission). You deserve it.

5 – Build a Blanket Fort

Oldie but a goodie. There’s something magical about creating a blanket fort, snuggling inside it, and being in your own little world. Feel free to get as complicated as you want. Involve the couches, cushions, pillows, sheets, and brooms – go wild. There are even tutorials online for how to make the best blanket forts. This is a cute Valentine’s Day idea for couples while still a great idea for what to do on Valentine’s Day for singles.

6 – Karaoke

Another great idea for what to do for Valentine’s Day for singles or as a couple. Karaoke is a classic because it lets us sing our favourite songs. You can find a karaoke club where you can find like-minded people, or you can use an app to get the same effect at home and Don’t Stop Believin’ your heart out.

7 – Sign Up for a Cocktail-Making Class

Learning fun new skills is a great cute Valentine’s Day idea. This is a great activity for a couple to experience new things or what to do on Valentine’s Day for singles. You might meet new people, and you’ll definitely pick up some fun new tricks for your next party. Don’t drink? Don’t worry! Many cocktail-making classes will have a great instructor who can help you tailor cocktails into mocktails.

8 – Be Tourists

Sometimes, living in a city can make us jaded about the features of that city. A cute Valentine’s Day idea is to go see these features with fresh eyes. A great choice for what to do for Valentine’s Day for singles or couples, this lets you get a new perspective and appreciation for the big deal in your area.

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9 – Make Pottery

If you’re a creative type of person (or especially if you’re not), playing with pottery can be a great way to have a blast and get a keepsake from the experience. This is a fun Valentine’s Day idea for couples (you can even recreate the iconic Ghost scene) or a great plan for what to do on Valentine’s Day for singles. You can get the materials for use at home or find a pottery studio near you that does fun experience nights.

10 – Walk Dogs at an Animal Shelter

This is a great idea for what to do on Valentine’s Day for singles. Connection and true love aren’t only about people. A lot of people find their soulmate on four paws instead of two feet. Even if you’re looking for a cute Valentine’s Day idea to do as a couple, you might find the perfect match for both of you. Walking dogs at an animal shelter is a great way to have fun and make a new lifelong friend. Even if you don’t go home together, dogs are experts at doling out unconditional love while you’re there.

11 – Try Something You Haven’t Done Since Childhood

This might seem like a vague, fun Valentine’s Day idea, but this looks different for everyone. Maybe you haven’t gone to an arcade since you were 12, or you used to love mini-golfing but haven’t done it since before puberty. Maybe you bowled every weekend in high school but stopped after graduation. Reconnecting with those old hobbies and fun things to do is a great idea for what to do on Valentine’s Day for singles and couples.

12 – Movie Marathon

This is a fun idea for what to do on Valentine’s Day for singles because it’s even more fun to watch a movie by yourself (popcorn to yourself, volume set at your favourite setting, covered in blankets). A few ideas are to re-binge your favourite movie series, try a bunch of classics you’ve never watched before, or have a book-to-movie marathon.

13 – Go for a Walk or Hike Somewhere New

Using the same idea as being a tourist, getting to see and experience new things is a great way to reconnect with ourselves or our loved ones. This fun Valentine’s Day idea is simple- find a walking or hiking trail you haven’t explored yet (through Google, family recommendations, or dropping your finger on a map) and blaze a new trail. Also great for what to do on Valentine’s Day for singles; you can get your steps in while getting a new experience.

14 – Go Sledding

If you live in a frozen wasteland around February 14th, then going for a walk might seem rather like a chore than a fun activity. However, a cute Valentine’s Day idea that’s winter-approved is sledging. Hopping on a sledge and racing your loved one (or your shadow) down the slope is a fun-filled way to enjoy the day and get back to basics.

Different and Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas

Whether you’re looking for what to do on Valentine’s Day for singles or couples, there are plenty of ways to connect, disconnect, and reconnect with yourself or others. At solitaire app without ads, we’re proud to provide the best game for connecting with others while enjoying a fun solo game. So flex your brain on the day usually meant for hearts. For more ideas on how Solitaire Social can connect you to others, check out other articles in our blog.

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